I've been all a bundle of nerves the past week. People dear to me ask if I'm excited about the conference I'm attending, and I hesitate.

Yes, I am excited.

But I'm also overwhelmed, heavy, and struggling against insecurities, both physical and spiritual. What if the picture I've presented online is so far off from the woman I am that I'm unrecognizable? What if the real me isn't as godly, or funny, or well-liked as the me I've made myself out to be? I'm fighting against discouragement and attack from the enemy, pushing back against lies about myself that come to the surface when I'm facing something big.

I'm stepping out [again] to boldly declare that I don't have it all together. I'm not picture-perfect, and I'm not meant to be. I'm presenting myself bare and open, tender to what the Lord would have me experience over the next few days. I'm only as anchored in Jesus as grace will allow.

And right now, that's exactly the amount I need to get out the door.

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