Fear is big in me.


I'm told that God is bigger, and my heart knows it to be true. But still I find my head getting in the way, fear and insecurity taking over.


I announced on Friday that this week would include a relaunch; because I wasn't able to transfer my domain to my old blog -- or have any other control over it, for that matter -- I made a plan to solve the issue, created a whole new website, and even told people about the move.

And then that sly little voice whispered, "Why are you doing all this? You're not even a good writer, and you're far from consistent. Why put time and energy and even a bit of money into a waste of space?"


Habakkuk 2:2 helped, telling me to just write it down -- my words do have a purpose, a meaning, and value. And not just for myself either, but also to edify others.

Then this morning, when I was thinking about how the whole thing would come about, I got a quick little text from my friend Nadine

"Girl. Where have you been all of my life?" 

You guys. The girl has a crown of blessing on her head. And not just a little dollar store tiara; no this is the prettiest flower crown you ever did see. She breathes truth and life, this one.

And in talking about the raffle she is hosting today to get her to the Influence Conference, I thought, "Why not? Why not my words? I've been given purpose, meaning, and value. My words don't do that for me -- Jesus has done that for me. And who am I to keep silent?"

Instead of getting nervous and rolling out the new over the course of a few days, getting scared and pushing things back, deciding not to do it at all, I'm jumping in.

So here we are. My hands are open, this space an offering to the King of Kings.

Welcome in.