Some days I didn't leave the house early enough to stop for coffee on my way to work. Let's be real, it was most days. But the days I did get out in plenty of time, I had an extra pep in my step, knowing I would not only be able to get a coffee, but I'd get to see you.

Nothing especially romantic, you're just a kid after all, but you were so uncorrupted by the hardened McDonalds employees who have come before you. Your smile was wide, genuine, your demeanor cheerful despite the cranks who must have come to your window before me.

You're one of the things I've missed most about the process of working outside the home since going off on maternity leave. I have no reason to be down that way in the morning, and so it's been awhile since we exchanged money and caffeine. Soon, McDonalds drive-thru man, we'll meet again soon.

Medium Coffee with Cream
(aka. Lady Who is Overly Excited to See You in the Morning)