GOALS /2016

I've always admired the art of goal-setting and goal-mastering. I've never been one to be committed enough to something that I've followed through on those big, year-long goals, the stuff of resolutions. 

So for 2015, I decided to look at different areas of my life that could use a sprucing, and made fairly manageable goals that would push me out of my lazy comfort zone and into some sort of intentionality. I wrote them down. I kept that piece of paper in my #bulletjournal so I could see it throughout the year. And do you know what? I actually kept up with them. I didn't achieve quite everything -- the amount of weight I had wanted to lose post-partum wasn't all gone by the end of December, but I didn't really try too hard at getting rid of it; my prayer journal had one blank month, but it was the month Phoebe was born, so I don't feel too badly about it.

Since it worked so well (relative to years previous, AMAZINGLY well), I figured trying the same thing for 2016 couldn't hurt. So here's my list, broken up into the seven areas that (I think) encompass pretty much every facet of my life.

I know that seems super vague. And some of them are a bit -- because each goal is going to shift a bit through the year, based on progress and plain reality. I'd rather set myself up to succeed, even if it is vaguely, rather than fail quickly and give up entirely. That being said, I do dig into each of those broad, general goals a bit to structure my monthly goals, and that is really what might shift as the weeks pass by.

FAITH: prioritize scripture. pray together every morning. learn continuously.

FITNESS: plan to eat healthy meals at home. wake early. treadmill. water > pop.

FOCUS: read >30 books. tv is for family/couple time.  podcasts instead of mindless media.

FAMILY: meals at the table. weekly family night. monthly date night. 100x.

FRIENDS: invest in friends who matter. invite friends for a meal 1x a month

FINANCE: set monthly budgets. use cash. tithe monthly. don't exceed current debt.

FIELD: dedicated work hours. find what fits.

Most of that is self-explanatory. Not all of it has been consistent even so far, less than three weeks in. But hopefully by the end of 2016, I can say that I have at least improved in each of these things (or changed them entirely!).