I started my first online diary as a young teen at the turn of the millennium. I wrote of grade school drama, Friday night youth group, and -- nearing the end of high school -- my fight with depression.

In university, I blogged about my newfound love of food and nutrition, photographing my way through the kitchen as I cooked for my boyfriend, and then for my fiancé.  

As a newlywed, I wrote through the ups and downs of our first year together, taking a second degree, quitting halfway through, and finding out we were pregnant shortly after our first anniversary.

I jotted down thoughts about moving back to our hometown, trying to find community in the balance of old relationships, picking through the ruins of my parents' marriage, and getting pregnant again.

Now, I write with the lens of the constant in it all: Jesus. He is my strength in everyday struggles, my comfort through the battlefield of depression & anxiety, and my love through and through. 

I'm an introverted over-sharer, a believer in moderation in all areas of life. I spend money in wholesale stores and local coffee shops. I love both Jesus and gay people.

I've been blogging long enough to know that I get my thoughts sorted out by writing them down. I try not to think about how vulnerable it is to write out my heart in public as I process. In the end, I write not for family or friends, not to portray a version of myself that has it all together, but for my own heart, to the glory and renown of the One who made me.